About Old Kermode.net Content

Kermode.net was one of Terrace, BC's first Internet service providers. It was at one time (in the 1990's) host to a multitude of websites. Most of these sites were originally owned by customers who also had Kermode.net dial-up accounts. When high-speed cable and DSL finally took an interest in Terrace, nearly all of the dial-up customers left — and these websites got left behind and forgotten about. Most of them never formally ended their hosting (the billing got pretty fuzzy towards the end anyways).

Now, in the late 2000's, the kermode.net domain name still exists and Felix owns it. Felix is somewhat of a data pack-rat, and he has a predilection for archiving everything. He also hates to see dead links — and a lot of websites still link to old Kermode.net sites. So, he went back to Terrace in the winter of 2007 and retrieved the entire archive of Kermode.net, and here it is.

Want your site back?

If you were/are the original owner of one of these sites and you want to revive it fully (that is, start maintaining it again), or you just want to get the advertising off it, please contact Felix. He does dirt cheap web hosting (see the rates page) and would love your business.